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When is a good time to begin a healthier lifestyle?
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When is a good time to begin a healthier lifestyle?

Women love to talk about diets and (un)healthy food. All the magazines write about more or less healthy diets and they also show lots of pictures of the fashion world's interpretation of how the ideal female body should look. It is understandable that people get confused when it comes to dieting and a healthy lifestyle.

Many women have issues with their bodies and how much they weigh. Most women have some sort of experience when it comes to diets and most women like to share their experiences with other women. Almost everyone has an opinion about what works and especially what doesn’t. Many women say that they would like to lose weight, but often they have an excuse for not doing something about it. The excuse could be a family birthday, a holiday, a family vacation, or other social gatherings coming up. No matter when you decide to begin your weight loss journey, something will come up. That is life. But when you feel ready and motivated, just do it! Don’t let a family party or Christmas get in your way. Life doesn’t stop just because you change your lifestyle to a healthier one. You still need to live your life and do what you like to do, with whom you like to be around. Just because you are conscious about your diet and maybe eat differently than before, you still need to interact with other people. It is through interaction with other people we create good memories. If you find it annoying not being able to stick strictly to your diet, you must look at it as a small bump on your way to your goal. Your healthier lifestyle is something that is going to last through the rest of your life. You need to make a long-term plan, otherwise, you will gain all the weight you have lost, once you have reached your goal and let go of your healthy lifestyle. When I talk to a client about changing the diet and living healthier, he or she is often surprised that it is not temporary. When we have talked it through and discussed different tools to maintain weight loss, they understand why the new diet must be continuing. The lost weight will be gained back very fast if you let go of your new diet and go back to your old diet and habits. When you change your diet, there is still room for the food and the drinks that you want to have in your diet, but if they are the reason you need to lose weight, there will for obvious reasons only be room for these foods and drinks in limited amounts.

If you want to lose weight it is a good idea to have a weight loss buddy. A weight loss buddy is someone you can share your experiences with. The ideal weight loss buddy is of course someone who also wants to lose weight. The best buddy is someone who has the same goal as you, e.g. a wish to lose ten pounds or kilos. First of all, you can help each other to get going. Once you have started you can help each other to stay focused. 

Everybody who starts a weight loss journey will experience ups and downs, and it is such a nice feeling when you can share your victories with someone and also a relief when you have someone to push you forward when life is tough. On Facebook, you can find a great number of closed groups for people who want to lose weight. Especially some of the American groups (that I have come across) are really good and the members are really good at supporting each other. I often see comments where you can write your weight, height, age, and your goal weight. The members, buddy up in pairs or smaller groups, where they share their experiences and support each other. It is worth trying.

Health consultant, Team Nupo.

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