Nupo Diet recipes

Carefully put together by our nutrition experts and dieticians, we have developed different and healthy recipes that combines Nupo Diet with regular foods, are easy to prepare and which at the same time provide plenty of both great flavor and variety.

To make it even easier for you, we have calculated the calorie content of each recipe, so you don’t have to.

The recipes are perfect for those who want inspiration for healthy food but don’t have time to plan meals or count calories.

Bon appétit!

  • We've crafted a range of delicious recipes to add excitement to your diet journey. Eager to dive into these flavorful creations? Click the button below and start exploring a world of tasty and nutritious shake recipes.

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  • You can choose from 7 different cold shakes, each with their unique flavors. Fresh, fruity, and creamy, all extremely delicious. In these recipes, we have added some extra treats, especially for those who want more. A good tip to make your cold shake even creamier is to prepare it the day before.
    You can find the recipes here.

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  • Each soup variant has been transformed into delightful experiences. Ready to uncover these savory delights? Simply press the button below and immerse yourself in a collection of unique Diet Soup recipes.

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  • Relish in our diverse range of meals, featuring seven distinct options from creamy risottos and hearty oatmeals to indulgent desserts. Each one is crafted with unique flavors and textures, complemented by ingredients that are both easy to prepare and readily available in any supermarket.

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  • We have made something extraordinary out of our warm and appetizing meals that give you even more to chew on. The recipes are composed of a few ingredients that can be bought in all supermarkets and they are still just as easy and quick to prepare - and just as easy to enjoy.

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  • As a bonus, we have also added that little extra deliciousness to our popular One Meal +Prime Pancakes. They are not part of the Diet series, however, they are the perfect breakfast and snack, and they are so easy to dress up.

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