• Nupo Diet
    A TDR (Total Diet Replacement), which means it is a diet plan that limits your daily caloric intake to approximately 800 calories.

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    Crafted by physicians and recommended by clinical dietitians.

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    More than 35 clinical studies document the undeniable results.

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    Over 40 years of experience in the diet industry.

How Nupo Diet works

On the Nupo Diet, your caloric intake is very low each day. By significantly reducing calorie intake, your body is forced to use its stored fat reserves as a primary energy source. This leads to faster weight loss while the body's basic nutritional needs are met through well-balanced products designed to provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers, and protein.

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Balanced and effective weight loss

On the Nupo Diet, your base plan is to consume six meals a day, consisting solely of Nupo Diet products. These portions are carefully designed to offer a complete and balanced diet, ensuring that you receive all the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally during your weight loss journey. It is critical that you strictly follow this six-portion regimen to maintain nutritional balance and ensure healthy weight loss.

Flexible and nutritious

For those who desire a bit more variety or need a higher daily calorie intake, the Nupo Diet offers alternative diet plans. These plans allow you to add food to increase your daily calorie intake to 1200 or 1500 calories. These alternative diet plans provide a welcome variation and flexibility that aligns with your lifestyle, while you still experience steady progress on your weight loss journey, even though the pace may be somewhat slower compared to the focused six-portion regimen.

  • 800 kcal

    The fast and effective

    6 Nupo portions per day Covers all your nutritional needs Expect fast results Track your progress with our free app
  • 1,200 kcal

    Mix with regular food

    Everything from 800 kcal plan + 400 extra kcal Extra indulgence during the weekends Mix with your favourite foods Free recipes
  • 1,500 kcal

    Balance with recipes

    Everything from the 800 & 1200 kcal plan Free recipes adding 700 kcal to your diet Balance your days with more flexibilty Enjoy dinner with your family

Your Nupo Diet questions answered

Is the Nupo Diet Safe?

Yes, the Nupo Diet is designed to be safe when used according to the instructions. The diet is based on the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) principle, where you consume a very limited amount of calories per day through carefully formulated meal replacements. These products are developed to provide all the necessary nutrients your body needs to function during such a diet.

Can I Exercise While on the Nupo Diet?

Yes, you can exercise while following the Nupo Diet, but it is important to adjust the intensity and scope of your exercise to your lower caloric intake. Light to moderate exercise is recommended, especially in the beginning. Listen to your body and adjust your workout based on how you feel.

Can I Prepare My Nupo Diet Shakes in Advance?

Yes, you can prepare your Nupo Diet shakes a day in advance so they are ready to drink immediately. However, they must be stored in a chilled environment just like other dairy drinks. We find that most people prefer their shakes chilled when consumed. Before drinking your pre-mixed shake, give it an extra shake. Enjoy your meal.

Is It Sufficient to Have 4-5 Nupo Meals If I Complement with a Healthy Dinner?

We recommend that you always consume 6 Nupo meals each day – this still applies even if you complement with real food.

This is important to ensure that you get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need. Even if you might think that the food you complement with is healthy and nutritious, it might not contain everything your body needs.

If you still want to have dinner, we suggest you look at our diet plans for 1200 kcal or 1500 kcal.

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