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Healthy Christmas sweets
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Healthy Christmas sweets

It is almost impossible to get through december without making or eating Christmas sweets. I do not advocate that you should eliminate anything such as Christmas sweets from your diet. Every kind of food can be part of a healthy diet, but of course, you cannot eat unlimited amounts of Christmas sweets.

You will not gain weight just because you eat a piece of Christmas sweets once in a while. But no matter if you eat a bought sweet or you eat your own homemade sweets you will have a bigger calorie intake than normal unless you eliminate something else from your diet. If you want Christmas sweets that are healthier than the sweets you can buy in ordinary shops, a large number of recipes are found on the Internet.

It is often a recipe where the main ingredient is dates or oats. The fat is often coconut oil and the sugar has been substituted with an artificial sweetener or honey. The homemade version does not necessarily have fewer calories but the content of fibers and micronutrients is off course higher.

If you like a quick version of a healthier sweet you can take a Nupo Life bar and cut it into smaller pieces and dip the pieces in melted chocolate. The Nupo life bars consist of healthy natural ingredients and contain different vitamins and minerals. No matter which flavor you prefer you will get a healthy snack.

If you like to make your own Christmas sweets, i have some suggestions for you to make yours less unhealthy. They contain nuts and chocolate and they do not contain sugar.

Nuts mixed with chocolate:

  1. Almonds
  2. Walnuts
  3. Hazelnuts
  4. Dark chocolate with a high content of cocoa

Melt the chocolate in the microwave.
When the chocolate is melted put the nuts in and turn them around in the chocolate with a spoon.
Put a few of the chocolate-covered nuts in a small candy cup or on a piece of baking paper.
When the chocolate is stiff they are ready to eat.


Here is another variation:

  1. Different kind of dried fruit such as mango, melon, cranberries, raisins
  2. Rice crispies or corn flakes
  3. Dark chocolate
Melt the chocolate Put in the other ingredients, and turn them around in the chocolate with a spoon.
Pour the chocolate into a small baking pan covered with baking paper and let it stiffen.
When stiff, break it into smaller portions and they are ready to eat.
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