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How much weight can I lose with Nupo Diet?

How much can you expect to lose with Nupo? It is obvious that this is a primary question, when considering a diet. However, it is also one of the hardest questions to answer, as the amount, and the rate we lose that amount, is very individual.

However, to give an indication, you will typically - after 8 weeks - lose around 10-15% of your starting weight, if you follow the Nupo diet without deviation with 6 sachets per day - and nothing else, but plenty of calorie free liquid. Following this will increase the speed of your results, and fast results are for many equal an increase in the motivation to continue.


Weight loss is simply about providing your body with fewer calories than it actually needs. With Nupo's weight loss calculator, you get an indication and estimation on how many days it will take for you to achieve your desired weight loss goal with Nupo, or with another type of diet, which provides you with a daily calorie intake of approx. 800 calories. The calculation is based on the 35+ clinical studies that is behind Nupo Diet. For some it goes fast, and for some it goes a little slower - the results are as unique as we are as people.

What is a VLCD diet?

VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet. A VLCD diet is characterized by the amount of calories that is consumed per day, which usually is between 600-1200 calories a day. With Nupo Diet, you get approx. 800 calories per day. Read more about Nupo Diet here.

Calculate your weight loss with Nupo

There is not a concrete formular that shows you exactly how much you can lose with Nupo. However, there are some "rule of thumbs", which can provide you with a decent indication on what you can expect. The following calculation is therefore not complete precise, but gives you an estimation of what you can expect if you choose Nupo. To maintain your weight, it is crucial to be in an energy balance. This means that you eat the same of amount energy that your body uses. Therefore, weight gain is due to an indifference in the energy balance, where you consume more energy than your body needs, and the opposite happens when you use more energy than you eat - you will lose weight. How much energy you need per day depends on your metabolism that consist of:

1) Resting metabolic rate

The energy your body needs to keep itself alive, when you are in a relaxing state. This is primarily the energy that your body uses to breath and make your heart beat.

2) Energy conversion

The energy your body needs to transform the food you are eating. Some foods demand more energy from the body to transform (e.g. proteins), and other foods is fairly easy for the body to transform (e.g. simpel carbohydrates such as white bread and potatoes).

3) Physical activity level

Your resting metabolic rate is behind approx. 50-70% of what your body burns, while being physical activity is approx. 20-40%.

The average woman needs approx. 2000 calories per day to maintain an energy balance, while the average man needs approx. 2500 calories. This may deviate a little, however it is not a considerable amount from person to person. The body works different and reacts different to changes - but we can estimate an expected weight loss by following calculation.

Expected weight loss with Nupo Diet

For an average female:

Intake: approx. 800 calories per day. Calorie deficit: 1300 calories  (1300 x 7 days = 9100) Calorie deficit per week: 9100 calories. 1 kg. fat tissue is 7000 calories (9100 divided by 7000) Expected weight loss per week: 1.3 kg.

For an average male:

Intake: approx. 800 calories per day. Calorie deficit: 1800 calories  (1800 x 7 days = 12600) Calorie deficit per week: 12600 calories. 1 kg. fat tissue is 7000 calories (12600 divided by 7000) Expected weight loss per week: 1.8 kg.

Weight loss with a normal, healthy diet

With a healthy and energy restricted diet, it is nearly impossible to cover all the body's basic nutritional requirements and be in a significant energy deficit at the same time. Therefore, you will undeniably consume more calories with a normal diet. The average female needs approx. 1200 calories per day, to provide their body with something to live of.

Calculation of weight loss with a normal, energy restricted diet - for an average female

Intake: approx. 1200 calories daily Calorie deficit per day: = 800 calories (800 x 7 days = 5600) Calorie deficit per week: 5600 calories. 1 kg. fat tissue is 7000 kcal (5600 divided by 7000) Expected weight loss per week: 0.8 kg.

Expectations and results with Nupo within a period of 8 weeks

The clinical studies show, as aforementioned, that it is possible, with an 8 week period, to lose approx. 10-15% of your starting weight. A female that weighs 75 kg will, in 8 weeks, be expected to lose approx. 7.5-11 kg. by replacing her diet with Nupo Diet - and therefore end on a weight that is approx. 64-67.5 kg.

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