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How to lose belly fat
Weight loss

How to lose belly fat

Excess kilos can tend to settle in the middle of the body and manifest as a round, bloated belly, love handles or the so-called “muffin-top.” To get a slim silhouette and defined waistline, it is this chubby midsection that’s got to go. Weight gain is all too common and can happen for a wide variety of factors. Perhaps we’ve been eating out more frequently and noticed that we have packed on a little bit more padding than we’d like. No matter the cause, to practice good selfcare, a step in the right direction toward optimal health is to trim down so we can look and feel our best.

For many of us, losing weight and maintaining a healthy proportion of fat and muscle is a primary focus. Reducing overall fat percentage to maintain a healthy, fit condition comes with an extensive range of health benefits. Abdominal fat that the body stores just below the layer of the skin is called subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat lies deeper, surrounding the internal organs. This can put even more unnecessary strain on the body since it needs to work extra hard to maintain essential functions. There are various illnesses that can arise from being overweight, and some of these conditions are specific to having excess abdominal fat. Some of these serious health problems include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, respiratory issues as well as cardiovascular disease.

So, it seems pretty clear that losing belly fat is a whole lot more than just fitting back into your favorite pair of jeans – some studies show that it can even help you to live longer. Considering the health benefits from reducing excess belly fat, it’s no wonder that it is something that many people are working towards. So, how do we beat the battle of the bulge – what is the best way to lose belly fat? For a short and sweet answer to this question, the solution is simply to lose weight. As you lose weight overall, your belly fat will also decrease.

Battle of the bulge – in the kitchen or at the gym?

So, to answer the question of how to lose belly fat, a safe and effective weight loss program is the best solution. No matter whether your goal is to lose belly fat or just an overall slim-down, the method is the same. For some, it can be overwhelming with the seemingly innumerable weight loss plans available. So how to choose between them if you’re looking for how to lose belly fat in a quick and doctor-approved way? Well, it can be helpful to first get some basic facts on how to achieve your goals, and then decide what suits you best according to your individual preferences, needs and lifestyle. Some weight-loss programs present an exercise regimen geared at targeting the abdomen as the surefire way to tone the stomach. Doing sit-ups and crunches can do a lot to strengthen the abdominal muscles, but this alone is not effective. Performing exercises like these that target a specific area of the body, does not mean that you will necessarily lose fat from the targeted area.

Science shows that weight loss generally occurs from the entire body and not a single area. So even though crunches will develop your abs, you might still have the same layer of fat over the muscles. In other words, it is plain and simple weight loss that will result in fat loss through the entire body. This makes a general weight-loss program an ideal way to lose belly fat along with the excess fat stored in other areas of the body. It all comes back to the same basic equation of calories in versus calories out. This means that you need to have a caloric intake that is lower than what you burn in a day, which is why watching what you eat is the best way to lose belly fat. Apps can be a powerful tool to help you in monitoring your diet and caloric intake, such as Nupo’s Success Guide that incorporates data from over 35 clinical studies. Exercise programs are an ideal complement to any weight-loss program, as the time you put into moving your body will strengthen and tone your muscles, along with immeasurable plusses for your health and well-being.

No more muffin-top, goodbye love handles

General recommendations for healthy weight loss include eating a balanced diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals, staying well-hydrated, keeping an eye on sugars, consuming moderate portion sizes, listening to hunger- and fullness cues, and including daily physical activity. In the myriad of weight loss programs, one very quick and efficient method is the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). To follow this kind of a plan, you need to keep your daily carbohydrates to a minimum. Replacement meals and weight loss drinks can work very well while following a VLCD, as many people find it to be a simple way to keep track of calories while getting all the essential nutrients.

It can be a fun and simple way to lose weight (along with belly fat) with great-tasting weight loss shakes. Some come in delicious flavours like Nupo One Meal Caffe Latte or Mango Vanilla. Many people who have been wondering how to lose belly fat, have had very successful results with pre-packaged products like these, since they contain a high nutritional profile with minimal calories. Saying hello to a creamy, foamy chocolate mint weight loss shake might just be the way for you to say goodbye to your muffin top. Many find it to be their sweet spot in satisfying their cravings while keeping their caloric intake low. Knowing your requirements and different types of weight loss options can make it easier to pick and choose exactly what’s right for you.

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