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Taster Pack Diet

Taster Pack Diet

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Discover your ally in the journey towards a balanced diet and weight loss with the Diet Taster Pack.
  • Less than 130 kcal per serving
  • Over 150 millions portions sold
  • Developed by healthcare specialists
  • Trusted since 1981
  • Clinical proven
    This selection includes 18 sachets of assorted flavors, meticulously curated to help you find your favorite tastes as you embark on your weight journey. Whether you are into sweet, savory, or something in between, there is a flavour waiting to become your new go-to. Dive into the variety and let your taste buds lead the way to a happier, healthier you.
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    Nupo Diet - A Clinically Proven Very Low-Calorie Diet

    Specially developed to replace your total diet for simple and easy weight control. 800 kcal per daily serving, when consuming all 6 Nupo satchets. It ensures the right amount of all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to bring you safely to the finish line. If you want to follow a Nupo Diet you have to consume 6 portions per day, to cover all the nutrients your body needs. You can freely mix and match between cold shakes and warm soups and meals. The purpose of the Nupo diet is to create the most efficient and responsible diet for you to enjoy.

    There is a perfect plan for all of us

    Begin your transformative journey today and unlock the potential of our simple and efficient diet plans
    to lead you to success.

    Find your plan here
    • Diet recipes

      Carefully put together by our nutrition experts and dieticians.

      These recipes blend Nupo Diet with regular foods, emphasizing ease of preparation, great flavor, and variety. Ideal for those seeking inspiration without the hassle of meal planning or calorie counting.

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    • Clinical Studies

      Proven science with decades of excellence

      Over 35 clinical trials since the 1980s, continually developed and tested by top research teams, showcasing the evidence-based approach and consistent validation of Nupo products.

      Learn more