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Nupo and Dinner - How To and How Much?

Lots of people choose to combine Nupo Diet and dinner with their family - the reasons for this vary. With this goal in mind, you need to be sure to get the most out of your efforts.

Six Per Day - Dinner or No Dinner.

We recommend consuming all six Nupo Diet Shakes each day, regardless of whether you are eating dinner or not. That's because Nupo Diet is designed and optimized to replace your complete daily diet, not just a part of it. The nutritional composition is therefore optimal only when consuming all six shakes per day, regardless if you choose our soups, shakes, or porridge.

It's almost impossible to replace the nutrients in one or two shakes with the nutrients that you might get from one meal. That means that you will miss out on some essential nutrients to cover your body’s needs. If you don't get the optimal nutritional composition during your weight loss, your weight loss will consist more so protein and fluids, instead of fat. This means that you, in part, can experience that you might quickly regain the weight you lost, and also lose muscle mass which would previously have helped you burn more calories. Therefore; six shakes per day - regardless of whether you are eating Nupo and your regular dinner together or not. It's better to eat the extra calories that your dinner contains than to miss out on the essential nutrients that contribute to an optimal and lasting weight loss.

Previously, Nupo had a "token system", which let you eat a certain amount of "tokens" worth of food every day, alongside the Nupo Diet. This system was discontinued several years ago, yet due to popular demand, we will soon be ready to implement an alternative to the "token" system. Nupo's Success Guide for permanent weight loss will instead include a point list which will also make it easier for you to get an overview of which foods you pay extra attention to once you've achieved your weight loss goals, and want to maintain your new weight.

Avoid Carbohydrates, When You Combine Nupo and Dinner

If you do choose to eat Nupo and dinner together, the main rule to follow is to avoid carbohydrates. Consuming carbs will result in you being unable to enter ketosis.

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Carbs are found in all grain products - e.g. pasta and bread - which otherwise can be great sources of minerals and fiber, but during weight, loss bread contains more carbs than you'd like. Avoid legumes such as peas, anything that contains sugar, and baked root vegetables - e.g. potatoes, parsley, parsnips, and carrots. Raw carrots can be eaten, yet baked carrots have a high glycaemic index and will disrupt ketosis and your blood sugar.

Are Approx. 800 kcal a Day Enough?

Yes. The energy you need is already stored in your fat reserves. Your body has been saving this fat for a day when you would be in a caloric deficit - and that day could be today! However, it does take a few days on a pure Nupo Diet before you feel your body starting to use this energy. When the body switches from using carbs as its primary energy source to instead using fat, you may experience a dip in energy.

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I Have Read and Heard That 700kcal Is Not Healthy

If you are eating regular food, then that's correct. It would not be healthy to experience such a drastic energy deficit, as you simply wouldn't have the required nutritional profile when eating regular food for under 1300 kcal. Yet with Nupo you'll get all the nutrients required from the six shakes each day, and as such you have nothing to be nervous about!

Can't I Just Take Vitamins Instead?

No. It's not just the essential vitamins and minerals that create the optimal conditions for weight loss. It's also the essential fatty acids, fiber, and proteins that won't be covered by vitamin pills.

Can I Replace 1-2 Diet Shakes With a One Meal Bar or One Meal Ready-Made Drink?

No. Nupo Diet is a complete meal replacement, which Nupo One Meal is a single meal replacement. One Meal bars and ready-made drinks are intended for after the Nupo Diet and when you are transitioning back to "regular food", where many find it difficult to keep track of their caloric intake. One Meal can replace 1-2 of your three main meals and makes sure that the body receives everything it needs in one meal for approx. 200 kcal per meal. Since One Meal is intended for after your weight loss, they contain more carbs than Nupo Diet.

That's why if you use One Meal as a replacement for Diet, you will never enter ketosis. Ketosis isn't required for weight loss - but it does make it happen a lot quicker. On top of that, ketosis creates satiety and helps you feel fuller more often, which is worth its weight in gold. A single One Meal equals two Diet Shakes, in relation to calories, yet in regard to nutritional value, these two can not replace one another.

3 Tips If You Combine Nupo with Dinner

  1. Try to satisfy your hunger before your dinner so you don't overeat - for example, you could drink a Diet Shake about 30 minutes before dinner, or take two Slim Boost - Fill My Tummy capsules approx. 30 minutes before your meal, so that you feel fuller beforehand.
  2. Avoid eating carbohydrates.
  3. Drink plenty of water with your meals. During a diet, the body will release waste chemicals and accumulated toxins. This needs to be rinsed out of the body, which is done with lots of calorie-free fluids.


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