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The first week of the Nupo Diet - what to expect?

What to expect from the first week of the Nupo Diet.

"Is that normal?"

During the first week of the Nupo Diet, it is perfectly normal to experience some "side effects". How much or how little you notice of these depends on which lifestyle you come from. The symptoms, or side effects, you experience make themselves applicable to any strict diet and are therefore not conditional on the Nupo Diet per se. Below we have listed the most frequent “side effects” of a diet. If you have other experiences that you would like to know more about or inquire about, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


If you are used to consuming a certain amount of sugar and from one day to the next, stop it, headache is an almost inevitable side effect as the body responds to the reduced sugar intake. The headache is thus a sign that the body does not get the sugar it is used to. The headache disappears within a relatively short time when your body gets used to being on the Nupo Diet and does not have that hunger for sugary foods. If you make sure you get approx. 300 ml of water with each of your 6 Nupo Diet products a day - and in addition, drink 2-3 liters of calorie-free liquid, there should be nothing to worry about. If necessary, take a headache pill, but there may also be something in “surviving” the headache and knowing that it is the body detoxing.

Dizziness and coldness

If you have been used to consuming 2500-3000 kcal daily and suddenly only provides the body approx. 700 kcal daily to achieve an energy deficit (and consequent weight loss), the body will respond, for example, expressed by dizziness or coldness. As soon as the body gets used to the new conditions it changes. However, coldness can be something you experience for a longer period of time since you give your body less energy than before, your body needs more energy (from your stored fat depots) to keep you running. This may periodically mean that the body is trying to maintain its core temperature, now that the energy level is reduced and the body must prioritize the use of energy.

Fatigue and inattention

It is perfectly normal to feel more tired, sleepy, lethargic, and having difficulty concentrating the first week of an actual diet. The body has previously had an abundance of energy that is suddenly taken from it. During the period when the body goes from using carbohydrates as its primary source of energy to using stored fat depots as its primary source of energy, one is extra tired. As soon as the body goes into ketosis (fat burning) the energy will return and you will be clear in your head and be re-filled with energy. You already have all the energy you need in your stored fat depots, but the body's transition from one fuel source to another will undoubtedly consume a little of the surplus.
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Hunger is an inevitable part of rearranging one's diet as much, as you will with a Nupo Diet. If you are overweight, you have given your body more energy than it was able to use, over a period of time. The stomach expands according to the amount of food consumed. Now that the stomach does not get the same amount of food as before, it will "ask for more" until it has become accustomed to the new and limited amount of food. It usually does so within a week's time. If the hunger is too hard for you, or demands a lot of your attention - or is directly uncomfortable, we recommend taking a diet supplement that gives you calorie-free satiety, such as Slim Boost - Fill My Tummy. Water can also provide satiety. When your body achieves ketosis you will find that hunger disappears. Ketosis has the fantastic ability to give a natural feeling of satiety.

Frequent - or fewer - toilet visits

During the first week of the Nupo Diet, you presumably significantly reduce your carbohydrate intake in relation to the lifestyle you come from. It almost applies to everyone, whether you are overweight or just want to get rid of 5 vanity pounds. Carbohydrates bind fluid to the body - actually up to 3 times its own weight! Therefore, when carbohydrate intake is as limited as on the Nupo Diet, the body will let go of a lot of accumulated fluid. This means many pee-trips to the toilet - and a fantastic motivating result on the weight. But don't be fooled. Losing up to 3 kg during the first week of the Nupo Diet is not unusual. But! Due to the many toilet visits, you may find that it is the fluid loss that has the credit for much of the weight loss in the first week. In addition, you can expect a stomach that may “communicate” a little more rumble than you are used to. Again, it depends a lot on what lifestyle you come from. If you've been used to much dietary fiber in your diet, you may not notice much more than an extra fart during the day. If you have not been used to a lot of dietary fiber, you may experience almost thunderous rumbling from the stomach, air, and possibly an extra toilet visit or two - which is not necessarily the way it usually is. You can experience both diarrhea and constipation during a weight loss course as your body naturally is detoxing. As soon as the stomach gets used to the many good dietary fibers, it all normalizes again. However, you must be aware - even at length - that you will visit the toilet less. 6 liquid meals a day is super healthy for the body as it absorbs nutrients from the liquid diet much better. We humans rarely chew the food so thoroughly that the body can fully benefit from the nutrition that is in our food. When the food is liquid, the body gets the best conditions to absorb nutrients. But what is left in the intestinal system is sparse and you should, therefore, expect less of these "daily breaks" during your diet.
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