After the Nupo Diet

How do I stop with the Nupo Diet when the desired weight loss is achieved?

It is an advantage for your body if you continue with the good meal pattern with 6 meals a day, that you have worked towards while following the Nupo Diet. We advise that you eat 3 main meals (morning, noon, and evening), with a focus on eating by the “plate model”, and prioritize lots of coarse vegetables and lean meat. In addition, it is recommended to have 2-3 snacks during the day, to keep your combustion active, as well as keeping your blood sugar stable. A low-calorie snack could be an egg, a handful of almonds, or a couple of carrots. You could try some of our other products such as our One Meal-products or our Protein Bites. The One Meal series consists of an assortment of meal replacements that can you can use to replace 1-2 of your daily main meals. You can read more about the One Meal series here. Protein Bites are bars that can be used as a snack, rich in protein and fiber, and are available in 2 different flavors: Caramel Ginger and Chocolate. Contact us at: if your question was not answered. *The “plate model” is a term used to describe the recommended distribution of carbs, proteins, and fat on your dinner plate.
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