Can I freeze my Nupo Diet-shakes?

Yes, you can freeze down your Nupo Diet-shake (short term!), for 1-2 days. Some choose to freeze down their Nupo Diet-shake for 15-30 minutes before they drink it, as to have an ice-cold and delicious shake that will have a thicker and slush ice-like consistency. If you freeze down your shake the night before, you can bring it in the morning, and later in the day, you will have a chilled shake. You must be aware, that the thawing period can vary since it depends on the immediate temperature in the environment you are in. Some even enjoy a frozen Nupo Diet-shake as a delicious Nupo ice cream, when they are craving something sweet – in this case, you have ice cream with low-calorie content. Contact us at: if your question was not answered.
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