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What does VLCD stand for?

VLCD stands for Very Low-Calorie Diet. The Nupo Diet consists of 6 daily Nupo Diet Shakes, -Soups, or -Oatmeal and is a VLCD diet. The guidelines for a VLCD diet are very strict and make sure, that you as a consumer get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you and your body need daily while keeping the number of calories low - approx. 700 calories per day. According to the guidelines for a VLCD diet, as a complete diet replacement, it may contain between 450-800 kcal. Studies have shown that you do not lose weight quicker, by consuming less than 800 kcal per day. The Nupo Diet will provide you with approx. 700 calories that are split over 6 meals. Splitting your shakes over 6 meals will help you keep your blood sugar stable and your digestion going. At Nupo we offer the Nupo Diet which is a VLCD diet that comes in 9 different flavors – meaning there is something for everyone. You can read more about the Nupo Diet here or go directly to the shop and order your favorite here. Contact us at: if your question was not answered.
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