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Will I regain all the kilos if I stop the Nupo Diet?

If you choose to go back to the same diet and the same patterns, that you were used to before the Nupo Diet – yes, you would most likely regain the kilos. Our Nupo Diet works as a kickstart, and the idea is that you should change your diet habits to retain weight loss. In this case, our One Meal series can be a good help. The One Meal series consists of a series of bars and shakes that function as meal replacements that can be used to replace 1-2 of your daily main meals. One of our One Meal products is equal to a full main meal. If you want to learn more about our One Meal series, you can read more about One Meal here. In addition, it is beneficial if you calculate your fat metabolism, so you can figure out how many calories you need in your diet, compared to your level of activity. Please contact us at, if your question was not answered.
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