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Weight maintenance

Keeping up motivation

How to keep up the motivation

Most people know the feeling of being motivated to start a lifestyle change. Then suddenly the motivation disappears and the project seems unmanageable. It is the wrong time. You are stressed. You have a thousand other things you need to attend to, so this will have to wait. You accidentally ate something yesterday, which you had otherwise agreed with yourself that you should not - and now it feels like everything is ruined.

There may be several reasons why we suddenly give up. One reason may also be that we set too high expectations for our own ability. When our goals become too obscure and seem too far away, we may lose the belief that we can complete the project. Therefore, realistic goals are important. Giving yourself a reward when you reach a partial goal can be a great help. For example, a reward can be in the form of a manicure or giving yourself a new clothe-item – or training pants. But be aware! If you are in a weight loss cause, you may have a tendency to reward yourself with food. If you recognize this, have a focus on not rewarding yourself with the habit you are working to change!

In order for the weight loss project to be successful, one must necessarily change some habits. When you change habits, you change something that otherwise fitted into your life. Leaving one's comfort zone is rarely easy, but in many cases, it is necessary to reach your goal.

Sometimes it can be an advantage if the project is carried out together with somebody else. You can talk together about the process, the ups, and the downs, and motivate each other on difficult days. If you don’t know anybody who is willing to change their habits like you are, you can team up with a good friend who you trust, and arrange for you to meet once a week, to measure your goals. It can help to feel “accountable” toward someone. Seeking professional help can also be an advantage – for example, if you are going to be physically active, it may be an advantage for you to consult with, for example, a physical therapist or a personal trainer. Ally with someone who can help maintain your motivation and get back on track if you have lost motivation – and remind yourself why you want to achieve your goal.

Top 10 keys to motivation

1. Own your successes!

Be aware and take ownership of what you have already achieved. A good day will never return badly.

2. Involve family and friends

Tell your loved ones about your weight loss plans. Also, tell them when you have achieved one of your sub-goals. It greatly helps the motivation to have others cheering you on.

3. Kill the negative thoughts!

You can do this! Be positive and do not drown yourself in negative thoughts about how you may not succeed. Of course, you will! Decide, commit and brag about your results!

4. Set realistic goals and sub-goals and reward yourself when you reach them.

Take one day at a time, in difficult periods. Just decide what you want to do today! Tomorrow is another thing – you will decide on that tonight. Small goals, which can be the number on the weight, the fact that you got through the day, or a pair of jeans that you want to get back into.

5. Ally you with a friend

Motivating each other can be a huge help – also on days where your alter-ego wants to stuff your mouth with chocolate and sweets because you have a bad day.

6. Make sure you have purchased what you need for your Diet and never go shopping when hungry!

The less you have to think about, and the less you have to do to get through the day, the better.

7. Decide for a weekly weigh/measure day

Do the weight or measurement thing once a week. Try to find the motivation in the project rather than the number. Love the journey as much as you long for the goal.

8. If your weight is not down, make a diary of what you eat and drink.

If you are on the Nupo Diet, that is not necessary. You know you are in a calorie deficit and you know you are losing weight. Fluids in the body can occasionally result in the number on the weight standing still. If the number does not move – move your focus. For example to a measurement tape, or how many steps you have taken today (always aim for 10.000 steps per day.

9. Get plenty of night sleep

The magic in our bodies happens when we are asleep. A good night's sleep gives energy, better mood and gives the body the best conditions for detoxing and embracing the changes and new and healthier habits.

10. Drink plenty of water

While the magic inside the body happens while you are asleep, it can only be so if you’re giving the body the needed conditions to make the magic happen. Water will help you detox and flush out all the accumulated toxins. Water has countless advantages! Drink it. Preferably 2-3 Liters per day during a weight loss.
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