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The 2:5 diet

We have all heard about the 5:2 diet, where you eat normally five out of seven days during the week and keep your calorie intake at a minimum for the last two days (500 calories for women, and 600 calories for men). At Nupo, we suggest the 2:5 diet that – as the name tells – is a reversed 5:2 diet, because you keep following the Nupo diet on five out seven days (approx. 700 calories per day), and eat normally the remaining two days.


Why choose the 2:5 diet?

The 2:5 diet has the potential to be a more effective diet, as you – as aforementioned - keep a low-calorie intake on five out of seven days. This diet is for you that wants an efficient weight loss but still wishes to eat normally and enjoy your meals with family and friends, twice a week.

How does the 2:5 diet work?

On the two days, where you eat "normally", which of course varies from person to person. We recommend a healthy and varied diet that consists of a lot of vegetables and fruits, as well as a good protein source for every meal. Choose the whole wheat alternatives to carbohydrates (for example brown rice instead of white rice) with a high amount of fibres, and keep the intake of sugar, candy, and other sweets to a minimum. Keep your calorie intake at around 2000 calories per day if you are a woman and around 2500 calories if you are a man. If you eat healthily and varied on your "normal" days, it will be easier for you to maintain it, when you finish the 2:5 diet and proceed to eat regularly all seven days of the week. On the five days, where you keep your calorie intake on a minimum, you should follow Nupo's vlcd-diet (very low-calorie diet), where you drink six shakes on a daily basis, which provides you with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibres, proteins etc. - and keeps you on around 700 calories per day.

The 2:5 diet with Nupo

Our products from Nupo diet are perfect for the days, where you keep your calorie intake down, as these products help you control the number of calories you consume - and you do not have to worry about grocery shopping or cooking. The only thing you should worry about is what Nupo diet flavour should be for your next meal. Nupo diet provides you with a complete diet that guarantees that you get all the necessary nutrients during the day and still keep your calorie intake to a minimum. An easy solution that with six meals per day replaces your daily diet. Nupo diet contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need in your diet. When you are on the Nupo diet, it is important that you drink plenty of fluid – at least 2-3 litres of water per day. If you want to read more about our Nupo diet, click here.

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