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The fall season is the time for indoor activities - How do you get started?

When the days are getting shorter, the temperature is declining, and the weather is getting more unstable, we tend to spend less time outdoors and thus be less active. The colder weather is often the reason why a lot of people choose to cut down on their physical activity level. It can be difficult to find an indoor sport that appeals to you and at the same time fits your schedule.

Benefits from doing sports

There are so many health benefits from doing sports. First of all, it is important to maintain your muscle mass throughout life. It is in your muscles your energy is being used and your muscle mass is contributing to weight loss and to maintain a healthy weight. Physical activity is strengthening your heart and cardiac. Your sleep quality gets better when you are physically active. And there is also a social degree of joining a group of like-minded people. It is healthy to be around others and it gives your daily life a break.

Discover your favorite and stick with It

During the last years, the number of sports activities you can join has gone up. In most clubs, you can join a few sessions before signing up and becoming a paying member. If you are in doubt of which kind of sport is the right one for you, it is really nice that you can try it out before you decide if this is the right kind of activity for you. In some places, you are also able to pay only for the sessions you participate in. If you are in doubt of which kind of sports you can join in your local town, maybe Facebook could be the place to search. Many local news sites on Facebook are showing new initiatives when it comes to local businesses. If there is a contact person you can ask a few questions before going. If you talk to someone in charge who knows something about the sport, then you can ask the right questions to find out if it fits you and your schedule.

If you are disciplined you are able to do your work out at home. If you lack inspiration you can find tons of tutorials on e.g. YouTube. You can stay fit if you for example use a simple workout pass where you only use your own body weight and no other equipment.

If you have some equipment such as hand weights, elastic bands, or maybe kettlebells you can also find complete workout tutorials where you can use your equipment. Another possibility is to use a personal coach to get you started. You don’t have to book for example ten sessions. Most personal coaches are willing to sell maybe one or two sessions where they make you a personal program that meets your needs and your level of physical ability.

Fill up with energy

Remember to eat before and after your workout so you can fill up your energy depots and get some protein to build and maintain muscle mass. Nupo makes a small protein bar that is called protein bites and it is ideal to eat after a workout. It contains 12 grams of protein and it comes in various tastes.

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