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Walking as an alternative exercise
Exercise Well-being

Walking as an alternative exercise

If you think that exercising is difficult, because you have not done it in years, it is just a bad excuse for not getting started. You can get in decent shape, just by implementing long, regular walks in your calendar. Walking has plenty of benefits compared to running. For example, walking will not overload your joints in the same matter as running would.

Furthermore, you can probably endure longer distances when walking, than you can run because it is not nearly as exhausting. Walking also has the benefit that it does not require any special or particular outfit before you can start your walk. You burn nearly the same amount of calories when you walk, and it is beneficial for your general health. As with any exercise, there is no need to start by walking for 1-2 hours – you can easily build yourself up slowly, and for example, start with 1 kilometer and increase the distance from there.

Begin with what's within your reach

If you are carrying a few too many kilos on the sides, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or have a risk of developing diabetes, you can be guaranteed to improve your overall health by implementing regular walks in your daily life. It might seem overwhelming to use 1 hour each day walking, but most people can agree that they spent about the same amount of time in front of a screen – smartphone, TV, or computer. The time spent on these devices could be replaced with a nice, long walk. By doing this, you might quickly experience that the quality of your sleep schedule and energy level increases. The late summer and early autumn are also perfect for walking as a means of exercising, and it increases your physical health as well as your mental health.

Take it one step at a time

Just do it! One of the key factors in changing your habits regarding exercise is taking that final decision that takes you from “thinking about exercise” to “doing the exercise”. If you want to fit into an old dress or pair of jeans, you need to do(!) something and not think about it. If you begin today, and slowly increase the distance – or time spent – on walking, there is a great chance that it will become a habit when autumn arrives.

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