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Summer parties and weight loss - is it possible?

We are close to the middle of the summer and a lot of people are throwing parties. Besides the midsummer, there are lots of other reasons for partying - student graduations, weddings, and lots of birthday parties.

Having a plan helps you stay on course

If you are on a diet and losing weight you can still participate in the parties you are invited to. You can attend parties and still be healthy and lose weight. Changing how you eat and live is not a short-term plan, it is for the long term. When you are dieting and have changed your eating habits you can of course attend a party and eat and drink what is served. The day after the party you need to go back to your healthy habits again. If you go back to your old eating habits and stick to them you will gain all the weight you have lost. For most people, it is easy to lose weight if they follow the right plan. The difficult part of weight loss is to keep the weight off. If you have kept the weight off for a year or longer it is likely that you are able to maintain your weight loss.

Savor treats, then swiftly resume your healthy habits

When you attend a party, you need to relax and enjoy yourself. Letting go for a single day does not have a great negative impact on your weight loss or on your healthy lifestyle. The day after the party you just need to find the right track again and continue your healthy habits. A lot of people think that breaking their diet for a single day is a major bummer and they do not have the strength to go back to the healthy habits the day after. They think that they are addicted to for example sugar if they have been eating cake and that they need to do a detox from their sugar addiction before they are back on track. This is part of the reason why I do not recommend that a diet exclude any kind of food if you want to lose weight or live healthier. I think it is important that your diet gives you the option for living a normal life with normal activities where you can eat normal food in the company of other people.

Effective Weight Management

I experience that people who have success losing weight and maintaining their weight loss are those who eat food they like but in smaller portions. They keep track of their calorie intake and most of them also exercise more than before the diet. When they have been at a social get-together and been eating and drinking more than they normally do, a day or two with a focus on their calorie intake and portion sizes get them back on the right track again and maintains their weight loss. Nupo One Meal is really useful if you want to keep track of your calorie intake. There are approximately 200 calories in a shake or in a bar and they come in many different tastes and there is a taste for everyone. You can substitute one or two meals a day with a One Meal shake or bar. It is a super easy solution if you want to live a life where you are around other people to social get-togethers. One Meal shake or bars can help you limit your calorie intake in order for you to have more calories to spend when being social.

Health consultant, Team Nupo.

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