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How do I keep my weight in December?
Social Gatherings

How do I keep my weight in December?

December is supposed to be a cozy month, where you should not be concerned with unnecessary stress. Quite a lot of people start worrying in advance, about how they are supposed to handle all these extra calories, which they will be offered this month. It quickly adds up, if you say, “Yes please” every time someone offers you something delicious.

Get ready for the parties

If your December is filled with parties and social gatherings, it might be a good idea to keep an extra eye on the number of calories you consume, so it does not end up with your clothes starting to tighten around the waist. If you are invited to parties during December, you might want to cut back on the calories some days before, as well as some days after – that way you limit the possibility of it be visible on your waistline.

It means that you try to cut back (or remove) all unnecessary calories in your diet before and after the big party. Try the whole-wheat alternatives to bread, pasta, and rice, which gives you the needed satiety – that way you make sure that you eat less. In addition, of course, it is recommended that you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables! When looking for meat, choose something lean such as chicken, turkey, or even fish, and aim for something that is low fat. Avoid beverages filled with sugar whether it is alcohol or non-alcohol and drink plenty of water. Limit yourself to one portion at each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and limit your snacks to fruits or vegetables. Eat something at home – such as fruits, etc. – before you attend the party that way you avoid emptying the bowl filled with chips and candy because you are hungry before they serve the starters.

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Post-December Weight Management

If you – despite everything – have gained a few kilos during December, you can easily get rid of them again by using Nupo’s VLCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet) Shakes, which are available in five different flavors: Strawberry, Mango Vanilla, Caffe Latte, Blueberry Raspberry, and Chocolate Flavour. You should drink six shakes every day as well as making sure that you drink at least two liters of water. You do not need anything besides the shakes, as they contain all the nutrition you need. Advantageously, you can schedule some extra physical activity in your every day in December. It makes some additional room for some extra calories during December, as well as helping your digestion, strengthen your heart, and provide you with a better night’s sleep – all in all, a solid investment. However, remember to stay realistic and do not aim way too high, you need to be motivated to repeat it the next day as well. If you are trying to increase your physical activity during December, then try to set some goals for yourself, but remember to stay realistic – it should be a successful experience!

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