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Enjoy your vacation

You are probably not the only one who has been counting down to the yearly summer vacation. It is great to be off from work for a longer period and it is great to get a break from all the daily routines that come with life in general. It is great to be able to plan the next vacation and who to spend it with.

Active or relaxed vacation?

It is wonderful to rest and only do whatever you feel like doing. Many people like an active vacation and others want to relax and do absolutely nothing. There are lots of possibilities if you wish to be active during your vacation. Most destinations are suitable for biking if you want to bring your bike. In southern Europe, lots of people bring their bikes when going on vacation. Our vacation is spent in a place where you can go swimming every day. There is a giant pool and it is open in the morning and at night exclusively to people who wish to exercise. It is also a great place for running or walking. In the nearby town, there are tennis courts and a great old golf course. There are a lot of possibilities and the summer vacation is great for trying out new sports and for getting out of your comfort zone.

Perfect time for Self-Care and Weight Management

It is nice to be able to detox the brain and get ready for another year of early mornings, packed lunches, grocery planning, and shopping, and various daily sports activities in the family, every day every week all year. Vacation time is also the time to do something good for yourself. If you wish to lose weight your vacation is a perfect time to do it. You are the lead character in your vacation. You can bring the Nupo VLCD on your vacation and use it to lose a few pounds or to maintain your weight while you are on vacation. On the days where you decide to use Nupo VLCD, you don’t have to plan your meals. All you must do is to make the shakes and drink them, six a day, and remember to drink two to three liters of water a day besides what is in your shakes. It is easy, and it works.

Stay motivated, but do not forget you're on vacation

You get the best results if you are motivated and have the time and energy to do it. Summer vacation can be the perfect time to begin your weight loss journey because you don’t necessarily have to be social with other people and you might be in a place where you are not tempted with different foods and you have the time to rethink your food habits. Maybe you are normally gaining weight during your vacation and dieting after your vacation? Maybe this year this vacation is the time where your clothes still fit when you get back to work?

VLCD could be a part of the journey

You can use Nupo VLCD in different ways. You can choose to use it on weekdays which gives you more calories to spend during the weekend or you can use it as a 5:2 diet where you use Nupo VLCD for two days during the week and eat regular food the other five days. No matter what your needs are I am sure that you do exactly what you feel like and what suits you. And no matter if you have packed the Nupo VLCD or not in your suitcase I wish you a great vacation where you get to relax and detox your brain and charge your batteries for a new year.

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