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Weight loss

Tips and tricks for healthy habits

Make your life easier and schedule your training and new healthy diet – try to stay ahead of your different plans, so you can maintain your new healthy habits.

Schedule, schedule, schedule! It is important that you write down your workout schedule in your personal calendar, so you are able to work around it in your daily life. For example, if you have kids and therefore have problems finding time and space for yourself, use the time while the kids are at e.g. football practice. Instead of freezing at the sideline during their practice, put on your workout clothes and go for a run or powerwalk. The most important thing is that your pulse is getting up and you can feel it – and remember if you have trouble getting started, ask a friend for a helping hand.

  • Check your diet and replace the food that is not a meaningful contribution to your satiety. Replace pasta with potatoes and/or wholemeal pasta, white bread can be replaced with one of the many whole wheat bread available as healthy alternatives. Toss the candy bag out and choose sticks of carrots or cucumber instead – your body will thank you.
  • Make sure that you always make a list of the needed groceries before you leave the house – it is important to structure your shopping to avoid filling up the basket with unnecessary calories. Schedule your meals ahead (preferable some days ahead), so you can maintain an overview. Nupo’s One Meal products are a great alternative for you if you feel that you do not have the time to make big preparation.
  • The last trick is to set some individual goals for the family and your new healthy lifestyle, so you can help each other achieving your goals. Furthermore, the family could make a list of activities that can be used as rewards, when the goals have been reached – this could for example be a trip to the movies or the Zoo.
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